Haulix is a service you use to discreetly share watermarked
pre-release music with the industry's tastemakers.

  • Create a promo
    Fergie promo view

    Showcase an album by creating a promo with uploaded WAV or MP3 tracks, artist photos, PDF attachments and YouTube videos.

    We automatically generate a professional looking web page for your promo and your permitted contacts can use their desktop computer or mobile devices to listen to the music.

    Use our default design or customize how it looks by changing colors and uploading header and background images. See example designs

    You have total control over who sees your promos and what they have access to.

    You can set:

    • ...date the promo goes live
    • ...date the promo expires
    • ...number of times each contact can stream the tracks
    • ...number of times each contact can download the album
    • ...whether contacts can submit feedback or not

    Who are some artists promoted through you?

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  • Invite people
    Fergie promo email

    Import your contacts and organize them into strategic groups.

    Give people instant access to your promo or send them an email invitation. Customize the email to match the promo design to encourage engagement.

    Haulix generates a special link and injects it into each outgoing email invitation. Your contacts click the link and get signed in behind the scenes.

    If your plan includes watermarking security, we inject multiple digital inaudible fingerprints into every track download/stream that trace back to the listener.

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  • Invited contacts listen to your promo

    When a contact downloads or streams a track, they are automatically routed to the nearest Haulix media server for optimal performance. We have replicated storage and media servers in the U.S West Coast, U.S East Coast and Europe.

    Dashoard activities

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  • Track engagement

    From your color-coded dashboard, monitor all promo views, downloads and streams in real time. Privately view promo feedback and see actions performed by coworkers who sign in to your account.

    Run and export promo consumption reports or drill into individual contact stats to see if or how they have interacted with a particular promo.

    Dashoard activities

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  • Promo discovery

    Your contacts discover and manage promos from their own promo management screen. You can easily add promos to your contacts' promos screens, even without sending an email invitation.

    Read more information about promo and profile screens.

    These screens are protected by a 4-digit passcode. They are free to all of your contacts and generated automatically by Haulix.

    My promos screen
  • Mobile offline streaming

    If you allow promo downloads, contacts can download the zipped album and stream the tracks offline in their mobile and desktop devices - no special app required.

    Check out a video demonstration on how mobile offline streaming works.

    If downloading is disabled or the listener doesn't want to use phone storage, they can stream the tracks from within the promo screen itself.

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  • Promo feedback & full album zip downloading

    Based on your promo settings, contacts can submit feedback and download the (tracks/PDFs/photos/cover art) packaged in a ZIP file.

    Promo feedback and zip downloading

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  • Promo streaming & single track downloading

    If streaming is turned on, your promo will have a music player anchored to the bottom of the screen. The listener can stream or download individual tracks. By default, we stream tracks using HTML5 audio - no plugins or apps required.

    Promo streaming and track downloading

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  • Set live and expiration dates
  • Upload cover art, PDF attachments, artist photos and YouTube videos
  • Automatic ID3 tag generation
  • Track uploads in WAV or MP3 format*
  • Reorder tracks via drag and drop
  • Organize promos in groups
  • Automatic watermark preparation process is 100% web based**
  • Downloaded and streamed tracks injected with multiple watermarks
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for all uploaded images
  • Thumbnails are clickable to hi-res version
  • Artist photos and YouTube videos automatically put into slideshow
  • Ratings and feedback
  • Instant on/off switch
  • Customizable with reusable templates (change colors, header and background images)
  • Responsive designs viewable in desktop, tablet and mobile devices

*Beast Mode and Rising Star plans do not include WAV file support.

**Rising Star plan does not include watermarking security.

Contact Management

  • Bulk CSV import or individually add contacts
  • Export contact lists in CSV format
  • Block access or downloading for one or multiple contacts
  • Generate registration form for new contacts
  • Bulk add or remove from groups
  • Grant or remove promo permissions per contact
  • Generate promo access link per contact and promo
  • Unlimited monthly email invitations
  • Customizable email invitations with reusable templates (change colors, header and background images)
  • Include multiple promos in single email invitation
  • Automatic encrypted promo link generated per each email and contact
  • Track email deliveries, opens, unsubscribes and bounces
  • Bounced addresses automatically flagged to maximize email reputation
  • All contact activities tracked and listed up top of dashboard
  • Successful watermark scans trace original promo recipient and their geo location


  • Add unlimited number of extra administrator accounts
  • Limit which groups of contacts an administrator can see
  • Limit which promos an administator has access to
  • Control which parts of your account an administrator has access to
  • Administrators can sign in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Uploaded tracks get automatic web based watermark preparation
  • Dashboard shows all actions performed by administrators

Multilayered Security

  • All administrators and contacts authenticate with a password
  • Data is backed up every 15 minutes
  • Contact promo and profile screens protected with a 4-digit passcode
  • Promo links use encryption for embedded information
  • Entire application uses secure sockets layer for communication
  • Promo materials are replicated across several data centers around the globe
  • PCI compliant


  • Dashboard lists all activities performed by contacts and administrators in real time
  • Promo consumption statistics on bottom of dashboard show bandwidth usage and stream/download counts
  • Drill into a contact's stats per promo for the generated promo link and stream/download counts
  • Run and save reports for promo stats and contact info. Export in CSV format.
  • Submit suspect albums for watermark scans. Watermarks trace back to the contact and their geo location

Customer Support

  • Email ticketing system with fast response time
  • Phone support and demo walk-throughs
  • Online knowledge base and getting started guides
  • Twitter and Facebook conversations

Industry Traction

  • Over 2,000,000 email invitations sent per month
  • 9+ years in business
  • Industry leader and favorite (social media reviews and Alexa stats)
  • Utilize Microsoft Cloud with music servers in multiple global data centers
  • Host music industry panels at multiple conventions throughout the year
  • Educational podcast and blog and popular music industry job board

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